Sunday, December 12, 2004

Why not a Blog?

    Taken with Holga Camera, Closeup Filter

Sunday morning. Coffee. I think that this space will be dedicated to pushing myself along. My girlfriend has more or less disavowed any interest in this my latest distraction. To be honest I am not sure how to defend it. I have always been an unrequited writer but this doesn't seem to be about writing so much as it is about free associative writing. I have been checking out blogs for a couple of days and I have seen what seems to be a native style on many different sites:

"...den he looked up den gav us a smile...ooh...both of us de hearts melted instantly like cotton candy...omg...ahh....after gettin their autographs, we went to food court dere for a drink."

"...and they will say, dude, we found a weapon of mass destruction last month. fucking bomb full of sarin! beeyotch!"

"...Oh hi... Juz came back from church camp, SYC. Very fun la... Playing the games and all that... Talk cock in the room. I'll give this camp 2 thumbs up man! that place we stayed in was quite comfortable. Tonight's worship was cool. Left 1 day early cos tml go sch la! Shit la! How i wish i could stay a bit longer..."

I love the shorthand but it is too late for me to be a sixteen year old girl. Too old, too tired, wrong gender and my obsessions have evolved into tweedy ramblings that sound more like death with dignity than ...nO wOrriEz! iM haPpy tOo! LOLZ!

So, this indulgent squat here in the bytter woods of the not exactly actual will be about whatever the hell and photography. A reminder that I like to make images. When things get slow here then I will have to get out and shoot something. Lately I have been messing around with a Holga Camera and closeup lenses. Fairly imprecise as a way of making photos but...


Anonymous said...

This one makes me smile too.
A lovely slice of childhood.

And don't let the inane writings of the blogosphere get you down. Must admit, I've done my share of infantile whining lately. But my inner editor took a vacation. So much like the Led Zepplin song, I'm rambling on. Well, I paraphrased that. But ramble on,G. You have great things to say and I continue to look forward to experiencing this slice of your world. And thanks for the nice comments over on my blog. Honored to have helped your inspiration in any small manner possible.
Susan B.

Leon said...

yes - as Susan says. Ramble On - what a philosophy, what a thought, what a damn fine song.