Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Shower Scene

    Taken with Holga Camera, Closeup Filter

Cue the violins... Ja, Ja, Ja... Son, Son, Son... Reee, Reeee, Reee... Seems a little Hitchcock ominous to me this one. This is a recent image which is kind of new to me stylewise. Namely I am putting together a group of images that are a little too intimate but still non descript, estranged from their realities. I am trying, and maybe not successfully, to avoid being just another guy that photographs women. You know the type. I actually think like this type of photographer at times but damn if most everyone's nudes are not pretty damn tired. So, I am trying to get at something sugggestive and personal and beautiful but all of that without the emphasis being on tits and ass. The style I think flirts with too sweet and simple but what the hell, it is all in process and so has no real benchmark as yet.

Also, if you are looking for things to do, you can check out the The 2005 PhotoBloggies where I have been nominated as one of the best blogs featuring Toy Camera pohotography. There are some very cool sites in several categories really. Enjoy.


Internet Street Philosopher said...

Good idea. Cause its annoying for so many people to take the same freaking pictures of naked people over and over and have no creativity in it. These people try to pass off porno as art. Keep up the uniqueness.

ian said...

this is awesome.

Anonymous said...

hey gordo. i feel like you are kinda mark spitz with your feet in the wading pool here. photobloggies? teletubbies! i mean, who cares what these nits think? 90% of them have never seen the inside of a darkroom. arent we a bit past this here? messing about with the children? que no?