Saturday, November 03, 2007

Undead Ambitions

copyright Gordon Stettinius

Saturday morning here. My blog has been coming back to haunt me of late. I have recently had two different people contact me about older, long forgotten loose threads. One person was kindly interested in a long stagnating attempt at some longer fiction and the other person was using my admittedly lifeless blog as an example of solid self promotion ( which made me laugh because the three posts I have managed in the last year or so hardly represent a man on top of his game ).

As for the old writings, it was strange for me that I couldn't remember much about these and so I went and read them with some interest. I have been writing a lot lately and so it was interesting to find someone else, namely me from three years ago, that writes so much like I do. It is kind of like that classic movie, The Lake House, where I am both Keanu Reeves' and Sandra Bullock's characters. Have there ever been two more wooden leading actors in a romantic smarmedy?

So, in this charming tale of misbegotten cross-temporal love shenanigans, Keanu and Sandra carry on a written relationship that involves mostly hockey and mutual masturbation... okay, I never saw this movie actually... but the movie, if the advertising is to be believed had something to do with two people living in the same place and writing letters to each other that somehow travel through a magic mailbox or something such. Which is just like me! But without the paranormal post office bit. Basically, this is all to say that I reread some old stuff and even though I may not resuscitate that specific literary effort - found in January 2005 - I just may breathe a little life into this blog's dead body. Thus the zombie image above - from Richmond's 2007 Zombie Walk.

If you are interested in a recent story, you might hyper your attention on over to Like So Many Broken Toys, which is a little strange something that I sort of enjoy.

Otherwise, I am basically writing a lot these days and though I am going to keep some of it to myself for now, I can certainly see spilling my guts here now and again.

Upcoming Posts May Include:

Suddenly Gordon
Meditations Upon Me
Why I am Significant
Recent Stool Diary Entries
Me, A Primer

...and so much more. Nice to see you again! I know I will have to regain your trust. I want you to like me.


Susan B. said...

Personally, I can't wait for Suddenly Gordon and it's follow up Me, A Primer. Might skip your stool diaries. Not because I don't like you and your talent...but I find that genre slightly repetitive.

Welcome back G. The Blogosphere is a better place with you in it.

Anonymous said...

Well I'll be damned. Got your Naked Pilgrim book yesterday with a lovely print. I then realized you might just be catching up on life, and damned if you didnt update your blog too! Well I am going to ride on your suge of accomplishments and mop my long neglected kitchen floor. Thanks for setting an example that my slacker ass can try to mimick. In any case, maybe the smell of Pinesol will get me moving on some of my many projects. Thanks again for the great package, its greatly appreciated :)

Gary M

Gina said...

You're funny. Glad you're back - I enjoy checking in now and then.

Tammy said...

I do like you.