Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just Take a Little Off the Sides

copyright Gordon Stettinius

Okay, since I have decided to pimp my blog... I probably should occasionally update it. I have been shooting here and there. A wedding, Best Friends Day, ladies arm wrestling, etc. Pretty much the same old for me. Trying to slip along the margins of things. But also for the last couple of months, I have been doing some self portraiture. Or not exactly self portraiture because I am going to a commercial photo studio for the actual photos. But I have been styling and art directing the shots I guess you could say. It started with a perm I got a couple of months ago. Then I did kind of a private school girl's senior portrait which was sort of a beehive and drag kind of thing. Then I did a Duane Allman meets Bret Michaels sort of thing. Last night I shot a couple more which I will probably put up somewhere before too long. A mullet which, if the character had to be described somehow, would belong to an early nineties fitness instructor perhaps. And then we did a skullet which I hope came off well enough. That one had something of a western theme. Maybe what I should do is write a little fiction piece inventing the character of each photo subject. That might be fun.

Anyway, today, I am off to get a trim to take advantage of my current baldness with a combover and then I will season the look with a spray tan... hopefully a nuclear orange or an unholy umber. So, as always, stay tuned.