Sunday, January 16, 2005

Bloody Mary Sunday

   Taken with Holga Camera

Tomorrow is M.’s birthday and so I decided to take her out to Godfrey’s, where they have brunch and a drag show every Sunday. It is really a pretty great time. Turn up early, get your name on the list and then head out for a drink or coffee until the show starts at 11:30. Bloody Mary's. Crabs Chesapeake, which was pretty tasty really. The performers are men. Beautiful, talented, breast-having, not-sure-what-else-having, lip-synching men. Really the show was excellent. It seems a place where you might enjoy bringing the uninitiated to. They might catch a little grief but basically the whole experience is a very straight friendly atmosphere. We thought we might should bring our folks next time. Muah ahh haa haa... or maybe not.


HANS said...

pasties always guarantee a good time.

Ed Wenn said...

Gord, have you seen the Weegee NYE photos from New York way back when the world was black and white? Some crazy photos of everyone getting tanked up in a bar on the Bowery (I think) and a dwarf dressed in a clown uniform....anyway this reminds me of those photos. Excellent. Holga w/ a flash?