Friday, January 21, 2005

Holga Wide Angle

   Taken with Holga Camera, Wide Angle Video Diopter

- Finally Got Something -

The image is nothing special but I have had a few lousy attempts in recent weeks at making my Holga wide angle. Using video diopters, video lenses, I have come up with seven stripes of gloriously blurred crap. I think I have got a good thing going now - .42x wide conversion lens with a macro diopter attached... sounds nerdly to even write tech details but someone might find this interesting, right? [... crickets chirping... ] This might look pretty slick in a studio or daylight situation as the on-camera flash / indoor subject combination do not play well together in this particular shot. Am going to try some landscape stuff this afternoon. There are some tips from if you are interested in this type of modification or from Randy at

A little bleary after playing cards last night. Witty rejoinders to resume after a couple of days rest.


Anonymous said...

Cool G!
No crickets chirping here. Love to hear more about this wide angle approach. Very cool. Almost voyeristic. Feel like I'm peeking through a key hole. Not that I peek though key holes.

Will look forward to the landscapes.
Susan B

Anonymous said...
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Gordon Stettinius said...

Thanks Susan... I hit delete for your second post because it was fairly identical to the first. Didn't realize I was going to leave a fascist looking record of my oppressive post deletion. No offense intended. Thanks for the kind words.


Anonymous said...

No offense taken, G.
I submitted one response, but it didn't appear on the blog when I checked it again. So I thought I had to submit again.
The blogosphere must have just been playing with me.

Eager to see those wide angle landscapes.

Ed Wenn said...

Like it a lot. Dig the details too. A bit cold for crickets here in the UK, but there IS a big cricket match that we're involved in currently in South Africa and that ain't chirping either. I think Damion's had some decent fisheye stuff happening on his Holga before. The old video lens trick. Anyway, I eagerly await the outdoor shots.

Anonymous said...

I really like that Holga shot -- it's so sharp ... and very fisheye like -- great stuff...


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