Monday, February 07, 2005

Post Cosmetic Disorder

    Taken with Holga Camera

Feeling bleary after a late night. But must say that I have long had a thing for the beehive hairstyles of old. We had dinnner out with friends for my birthday and all was excellent. Good food, drinks, great hair. Exciting stuff, fooled around with a fisheye lens strapped to a Holga. Nice night, though one of my friends was actually falling a sleep at the table at the night's end. So, we are all a little older, I suppose. Metabolism slowing, must... at... least... finish... this... thought.... Snnrhhhk...


Anonymous said...

I'm often the sleeper. Did your friend finish chewing his food before nodding off? My wife will nudge me when my head drops and I continue to masticate like nothing's happened when my eyes open up.

john (reeveso)

Anonymous said...

i love this picture! beautiful !.which holga camera did you use?