Wednesday, January 07, 2009

101 Things To Do In 1001 Days

Take 2

copyright Gordon Stettinius, Terry Brown

Because I feel like I could use a little self-improvement. I have put togther a list of goals for the next 1001 days. Originally, this idea comes from triplux, who has started a movement of sorts, it would seem, as there are a lot of these lists out there.

For the record, this is my second attempt at making such a list. My first attempt was fairly successful in that I knocked off about half the list and managed a few things that I may not have without the ongoing reminder. And before you castigate me for my blatant pandering to my own self-interest, I would like you to take a long look in the mirror and then, give yourself a big hug because you are truly o.k.. I mean that.

Anyway, this is not simply a list. This is big picture stuff. This is man-making, life-fulfilling, by-the-balls-grabbing stuff. And I am commencing directly. Living at the behest of a pure and unadulterated mania.

Completion Date: October 4th, 2011

The Criteria: Tasks are ideally specific (i.e. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks should also be realistic and a bit off-task from the regular routine (i.e. represent some amount of work which must be done).

1. Write Something Meaningful (2/3)
~ 2. Go to a Drive In
~ 3. Each Room, Five things to Charity
4. Go to a Comedy Club (1/2)
5. Picnic Three Times (2/3)
6. Scuba Dive
7. Two Day Fast (1/3)
8. Get Myself Set Up to Weld
9. Get Rejected 24 times (11/24)
~ 10. Finish Book About Gita Lenz
~ 11. Exhibition for Gita Lenz
~ 12. Give Blood
13. Travel Somewhere by Train
14. Make Short Film
~ 15. Clean Garage
16. Get Photo Book Published
~ 17. Training for a Certain Dog (…and she knows she is. )
~ 18. Go to the theatre five times (5/5)
19. Visit Mexico City
20. Visit Spain
~ 21. Visit Boston
~ 22. Visit Fallingwater
23. Take Dance lessons
24. Paint a portrait
~ 25. Show Work in Three New Cities (3/3)
~ 26. Frame five Photos Collected from Other Photographers (8/5)
27. Frame a new drawing
~ 28. Buy Art (5/3)
29. Barter/Trade Artwork (3/5)
30. Submit Images to Blind Spot
31. Submit Images to Aperture
~ 32. Read five Books Recommended by five Friends
~ 33. Get a physical / G.I. exam or whatever you call it
34. New Volunteer Gig ( Habitat 4 Humanity or new / different )
~ 35. Go Snowboarding
36. Return to Bonnaroo
~ 37. Organize My Old Writings
38. Write / Record a song
39. Begin Family interviews
~ 40. Spend the day walking
41. Spend the day biking
42. Go to Southside Speedway
43. Attend services / visit a Mosque
~ 44. Support the Farmer’s Market
45. Make Homemade Beer / Wine
~ 46. Re-establish Garden
47. Public Karaoke
48. Run a half marathon (or better)
~ 49. Photograph/Interview a Psychic
50. Go Horseback Riding
~ 51. Go to a Vikings game
52. Burning Man
53. Spend Day with Dad
54. Spend Day with Mom
55. Spend day with Brother
56. Spend Day with Sister
~ 57. Get House Painted
58. Cook for Eight people (2/3)
59. Write a Children's Book
60. Collaborate with Another Artist (2/3)
~ 61. Go Ice Skating
62. Walker's Mix #7, #8, #9
63. Firefly
64. Paint or Buy Vintage or Vintage Style Backdrops (0/2)
65. Throw a Party (1/2)
66. Crash a Party (0/2)
~ 67. Get Together a Promotional Something (4/3)
68. Bake Yeasted Bread (0/3)
69. Go Camping (1/3)
70. Make Sushi
71. Don't Speak for an Entire Day
~ 72. Celebrate Solstice
73. Write Thank You Note to Former Teacher
~ 74. Locate an Old Friend (Actually, Real World) (3/3)
~ 75. Find / Use one of those Deodorant Stones
76. Hot Springs, Somewhere
77. Host a Mystery Dinner
~ 78. Take Yoga Classes
79. Make an Artist’s Book
~ 80. Go Naked
81. Sunday Roadtrip (14/25)
82. Get Photos to Someone Who Has Given up on Them (2/3)
83. Read Five Books I Already Own (3/5)
~ 84. Design / Produce a Small Run of T-shirts
85. Make Pesto (1/3)
86. Sky Dive
87. Take a Class in Ceramics
88. Curate a Toy Camera Show
89. Cirque du Soleil
~ 90. Finish Infinite Jest
~ 91. Find/Make a Quality Lamb or Bear Costume
~ 92. Get some Photo Swag Going (…via CafePress or similar. )
93. Swim in a Lake
94. Organize Family Photos
95. Earth Art or Plan for Empty Field
~ 96. Website Redesign
97. Massage / Accupuncture (2/5)
98. Go to Cuba
99. Go White Water Rafting
~ 100. Re-certify for CPR
101. Make Chile Relleno


Helen said...

Good idea. I can see the benefit in writing it down, instead of the ideas floating in one's head. One thing on my list would be commenting more on people's blogs and/or photos. Looks like I'm on my way...

db said...

Yaaa A fine list, with a few thoughts..

#64 Doesn't the above background already qualify?

#80 where? and take your camera to photograph people's reactions.

#88 On my list too.

#100 Ugh. bad wording, you'll be beaten all too soon.

Nice work though, I'm inspired to write my own list- but perhaps retrospectively after I achieve something cool. ( I don't respond well to deadlines)

PS Can you E me your snail-mail addy? Mailing out greeting cards is on my list :)

avs said...

inspired. i dig this list.

Jose Manuel Madrona Navarro said...

20. Visit Spain
if you someday decide to come welcome you with open arms.
Grettings from Valencia, Spain.